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Loyola Insurance Plans

Loyola Insurance Plans are specifically designed for the individual who is concerned about his safety, and that of his property or work equipment. At the company, the customer comes first in the transaction between an insurance broker and client.

We believe in making the customer comfortable with the packages. We spend quality time with them, going over the modalities and provisions of the contract before a single document is signed. With our plans, there is no delay in the payment of due insurance on any property or equipment insured.

The Loyola Insurance Company Board of Trustees understand the importance of having an insurance policy that covers for eventualities as well as protects the legal interest of the client involved directly or indirectly in the case of any incident.

Finance, legal and consulting company

Since we are a finance, legal and consulting company, our Loyola Insurance Plans are packaged to protect the legal interest of whoever uses them. There is no potential for clients suffering at the mercy of their insurance brokers or broking firms. Wee explain very clear every aspect of our policy, so there is no misunderstanding between clients and broking firm.

We place a priority on financial and legal consultancy in the process of insurance planning. These services, delivered through skilled and well trained staff, have garnered high praise from our esteemed clients.

Our Products

Apart from our Loyola Insurance Plans,  we offer other competent and reliable services for people looking for insurance services. All the service we offer are related to their property, businesses, and equipment. The Loyola Auto Insurance is a policy designed to cater for automobile-related incidents.

Specially designed for both private owners of personal automobiles and owners of leasing companies and taxi/cab services companies, the Loyola Auto Insurance will cover expenses to repair and replace broken, damaged and stolen cars’ belonging to registered clients. The product fits easily in any budget, large or small. Our very flexible policy stretches and contracts to accommodate the budget, keeping everyone safe and happy.

Understanding our Various Insurance Policies

It helps to understand that our various insurance policies are tailor-made to fit any situation and are specially designed to assure the client of one hundred percent protection. Our policies cover any property or asset destroyed or lost in any form or by any means, as covered in the agreement signed upon the initial application. Our Marketing Personnel or Customer Service Agent takes great pains to explain the details of our policies. All correspondence with us goes directly to the company’s email with clarified responses within 48 working hours.

Of the various Loyola Insurance Plans, the Loyola Auto Insurance is our most popular product/plan. To find out more about this exciting and must-have policy and to understand our range of products, contact our marketing representatives now.

Brand Policy and Customer Satisfaction Promise

  • We promise that not to dupe the client in any way. We care about this topic during all communications with our current and potential clients.
  • Our agents or brokers would never put our clients in positions where they sign shady or unclear deals; we put the customer first. Before making new policies or amending new ones, we try to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes.
  • Our policy is not ‘how do we increase sales’ but “how do we improve customer experience to increase sales?”

We promise that we shall not compel our clients to seal deals that they do not find entirely clear

We guarantee to persist in explanation and clarification until the client is one hundred percent sure that they understand every item contained in every column they come across in the deed before they sign it. This way, we can continue business relations in confidence and with absolute trust in the competency and transparency of each party.

This is because we believe that having the customer at heart before making decisions means that we will ask the right questions and asking the right questions would result in making the right decision which would, in turn, ensure that the customer is our first priority in every new policy that we introduce in the brand.

In the same vein, putting ourselves in customers’ shoe means before we make new decisions or roll out new products, we first test run them, and in the process of test running, we place ourselves in the delicate position of the end users. This way, we end up with products or services and policies which are both in the best interest of the customers, potential customers, and our firm. However, our top priority is our customer. When the customer is happy, that means we are doing everything in the right way. This is our promise, to make the customer happy.

Why You Need a Loyola Insurance Plan Today

If there is one insurance firm concerned about the safety and security of your property, business, asset or equipment, it is Loyola Insurance. Our promise is to offer effective and competent consultancy, legal and financial advice and responsive customer care service.

Before you decide whether or not you need Loyola Insurance Plans, think about the many time’s people have suffered incredible loss because they assumed they did not need insurance for their property, business, asset or equipment. Think of the benefits you stand to gain from investing your time and money in a Loyola Insurance Plan and the mountain load of stress you will save yourself once you meet with our Marketing Personnel and sign a deed.

We are not your everyday regular insurance firm; we are a revolution seeking to cause a change in the way people view insurance firms and insurance deals. Think about your business and consider its value and you will understand the importance of an insurance plan designed with your interest at heart. At the core of our company’s goal is the desire to become the go-to firm for insurance legal and financial consultancy services.