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Many people think there is no benefit to buying car insurance unless you file a claim. However, they would be wrong. Just imagine a world without car insurance; does it make sense with the array of associated risks on the road while driving?

Any time you’re traveling in a vehicle, you face the risk of being in an automobile accident. In so many instances, the consequences could be fatal. This is why you should get car insurance.

Car insurance is the kind of cover that offers protection financially in case of a car accident. The car insurance company will take responsibility for the damage to the other vehicle involved in the accident. Depending on the type of insurance, the company may also pay out more.

At Loya Insurance, we believe car insurance is essential, and you can’t do without it if you’re on the road. First, auto insurance is a must; it’s the law. Second, you have the obligation to protect other road users and yourself in case anything bad happens while you’re behind the wheel.

It is always important to get great value for money when buying car insurance

By value, we mean a policy that suits your need, which might not necessarily be the cheapest – the cheapest plan might not provide all of the coverage you require. You’ll rest easy or even drive better with informed knowledge that you’re adequately covered.

There are several confusing terms in car insurance, but Loya Insurance is here to demystify all the jargon along the way. We have ample knowledge, so you’re safe with us.

Buying car insurance that will meet your needs requires that you put into consideration your finances and set your priorities right. Getting expensive insurance might not be what you need right now – some other pressing issues might fill that space. When in such a situation, making with the minimum required by law would suffice.

Can you store your car in the house?

You may park your car in a garage or a secured parking lot, but is that a guarantee that your car will never be stolen? This is a no foolproof way to ensure it is never stolen. You can only make sure that you don’t suffer any monetary loss in the unfortunate situation that you lose your car. The only and best way to do this is by investing in a car insurance policy that protects you against theft.

The road is not just for you

Several people are driving on the road – many of whom may not be as good of a driver as you. If suddenly you wake up in a hospital because you had an accident with another car, then you would have to cover most of the expenses. Otherwise, you will hire the services of a lawyer that will charge you for the court case. This is where investing in car insurance becomes vital.

Why Loya Insurance is what you need

The competitiveness in the insurance marketplace has taken a different dimension. The truth is, there are several insurance companies to choose from, but if you select the wrong one, you could find yourself in troubled waters. And what if you’re already in it? Not to worry, Loya Insurance Company is here to get you out quickly and satisfy all of your needs.

Highly personalized service for every customer

At Loya Insurance, we take customer service as a top priority. Each customer is entitled to a dedicated Broker, so their insurance needs are taken care of on a personal level. Because we go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs, we create a relationship that creates trust and loyalty down the road.

We are insurance experts

We have a team of brokers and well-informed personal service representatives who are licensed insurance professionals. Our team stays up to date with the latest insurance developments and products. As a company that wants to deliver value at every point in time, we engage our professionals in extensive training on product benefits so they can convey this to our clients.
Loya Insurance Company goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that customers get proper insurance coverage for their needs.

Right coverage, hassle-free claims

With us at the helm of affairs and as your insurance broker, you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy hassle-free claims every time you qualify; we put our customer’s best interest first to ensure fair and prompt payment. Our commitment is to help find the right coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Unique and proven solutions

We provide more than just insurance products. We deliver unique risk solutions to our customers. Driven by a progressive and innovative outlook, Loya Insurance continuously researches and develops unique solutions that meet several needs in a highly competitive space.

We work for you

Settling for an off-the-shelf insurance policy may not cut it, and your needs may never be met. But with an expert insurance team that digs deeper to develop a comprehensive insurance plan with a proper coverage at the best and most affordable rate, you can’t ask for anything better. And mind you, our employees work with the highest professional and ethical standard based on specific guiding principles.

Trusted networks

Our alliance with well-respected and secure insurers and suppliers has continued to soar over time. Loya Insurance is proud to have delivered the right products with the help of our trusted networks. For clients that have struggled to find adequate cover, we have put our expertise to work to break down artificially high premiums and help them achieve their goals. Our relationship with our clients is a form of partnership. The purpose is clear and understandable – helping you drive value every time.

We’ve got your back with a $0 deposit plan

Getting cheap car insurance may be what you need right now. But what you don’t know is the fact that you can get a $0 deposit plan without shelling out over $1000 in actual payment. Does it sound too good to be true? Not with us. That is why we stand out, delivering top quality service every step of the way.

Monthly installment plans at no extra cost

Do you want to go with our monthly installment plans? You’re in the right place. We have monthly installment plans designed to help you benefit from our products and services, and they often come at no extra cost.

We are adept at making the right choice

Insurance is pretty confusing and complex. That alone is enough to scare you away. But there is no need to be intimidated. Loya Insurance aims to make the process easy and straightforward for you.

It is like hitting a brick wall when searching for car insurance companies without a deposit payment. These kinds of companies are rare and difficult to find. The good news, however, is that you just landed yourself a no down payment insurance company! Call us today and speak with one of our representatives to help you make the right decision for all your car insurance needs.